Snow and Blood Orange

Okay, it's not exactly a lot of snow. Certainly nowhere near a Bjorn Waldergard level, for example. Just a little English-style smattering. But still, there is something just right about snow and blood orange.

This is it being done properly, by the way (photographer unknown)...

Volksworld Show 2013

Last weekend was the Volksworld Magazine show, probably the biggest VW show of the year. Being owners of a couple of old VWs we've been for the last few years. We have made some great friends through these cars, and the weekend is as much about meeting up and having a laugh as it is about the cars for us. Mind you, there are some very serious cars there too. Not least the stunning Ruby Red '62 Bug built by our good friend Ben Lewis and owned by another friend of ours, Wayne McCarthy, which deservedly won Best of Show this year. We are going to cover that car and a couple of others in their own posts, but in the meantime here are some photos that hopefully give you a more general idea of what was there. You can read the full list of winners here.

Kindred Spirits: Motoring Con Brio

I recently came across Motoring Con Brio, clicking through from a couple of other blogs I follow. Amongst other things it seems they share our love of Grey Cars. I'll certainly be checking it out more often, and if you don't already, I'd suggest you do too.
When we’re not driving, we’re thinking about driving. Or about cars— good cars, interesting cars, cars we’d love to own for the purpose of driving them. This is us thinking out loud. This is about the stuff we love.
Keep up the great work guys.

More Breakfast Club

Here's a few more pics from the Goodwood Breakfast Club, in glorious black and white (I blame Bob for getting me thinking about black and white again).

Why Do Cars Go With Coffee So Well?

There's something about breakfast that really suits a car meet. I'm sure what it is, but bacon, coffee and cars just seem to go together. But certainly meeting up early after a drive across country and chatting about all things car related is a solid way to spend a Sunday morning in March. And so there we were this morning, for the first Goodwood Breakfast Club of the year, the theme being pre '73 cars. I had a funny feeling it was going to be a massive turnout, and I wasn't disappointed. What the Goodwood breakfast clubs always seem to deliver on is variety – all kinds of car nuts, with all kind of cars turn out. From rat rods to classic Ferraris, stock British classics to the fully rally prepped. And of course the bacon sarnie isn't bad either.