Friday At Goodwood Revival 2011

I like Friday at Revival. It's a little quieter than the weekend days and there is a great atmosphere of anticipation. I enjoy walking the paddock and watching the mechanics prepare the cars and the drivers re-acquaint themselves with them. Although a lot of these photos were taken early in the morning before the mechanics and drivers made it out to the paddock, you can see some being rolled off to scrutineering or to the assembly area to get ready for their practice sessions.

Fangio's Chevrolet Coupe at Goodwood Revival

This weekend was Goodwood Revival, as you most probably know. It's like Christmas for vintage and classic petrolheads. Just the pre-73 car park is the best car show you will ever go to. Anyway, it was an amazing weekend as always, and we took a lot of photographs, which we'll share with you over the coming weeks. Up first, for no particular reason, is this 1939 Chevrolet Coupe TC. This was part of the Juan Manuel Fangio tribute parade, which featured an almost unbelievable selection of cars. This actual Chevrolet was the car that Fangio drove to become the 1940/41 Argentine national champion in Turismo Carretera dirt road racing. The motor is a Chevy straight six 3548 cc (216.5 cu. in.) you can see the unusual copper wire external oil cooler on the left fender in the third picture. These cars have become known as Chevrolet Fangio Coupes because of his famous connection to them, and this one has distinctive cutaway fenders that have been copied by various people to create homages to the great racer. It bellowed its way around the Goodwood track with a deep growl.

Goodwood Revival Test Day 2

Some nice cars down there today, and some pretty feisty driving too. All that's left to do now is some racing. One week away and looking forward to it. See you there.