Ferrari 196 S, 246 S (or something else)

We went along to the Goodwood Breakfast Club Supercar Sunday at the weekend. As usual, it was incredibly busy, with far too many fantastic cars to look at. One that caught our eye was this fabulous Ferrari. We've since been looking around, trying to find out the exact model and background, as it appears to be a late '50s or early '60s sports prototype. It looks like it could be a 196 S or 246 S. I think the only difference between the 196 and 246 is the engine capacity (1,983 cc and 2,498 cc V6 motor respectively - hence the numbering I guess), but there is some difference between the treatment of the bonnet bulge between different examples we've looked at. If anyone actually knows for sure, please let us know. Whichever it is, it's a beautiful car.

This is the reference picture of a 246 S from the Ferrari archive:

This is a 196 S in action at Goodwood [Source] © 2011 Wouter Melissen:

While we were searching, we found this fantastic image of a 196 S racing at Goodwood on "5 September 1959: Giorgio Scarlatti and Ludovico Scarfiotti in the Tourist Trophy" [Source]: