We have let the blog sit quiet for a while. The reason is simple, there isn't much car related stuff going on in the deep of winter here. We've quite lazily let the likes of Bob Tilton and Dutchman (and others) keep us inspired though the bleakest months with their superb stuff.

Through the sharp cold of the past couple of weeks however, things have started to get going again over here. This coming Sunday is the first Goodwood Breakfast Club of the year, let's hope the Weather Gods shine favourably on it. And, in the meantime, we've acquired a new little toy to help us make the most out of what will hopefully be a nicer summer than last year (don't jinx it man!).

Up until now all the pictures on here (that aren't obviously iPhone Instagrams) have been taken with our trusty old warhorse Canon 350D. It has served us well and been with us on many an adventure, but we have started to feel its age. Now, I'd be the last to blame my tools for any inadequacies – we are far from proper photographers – more enthusiastic car nuts who happen to carry a camera (I've worked with enough really good photographers in my day job to see there is a massive world of difference). We've tended to rely on photoshop to try to get closer to the results that are in our heads. But it felt time to move onto camera pastures new, and into the big, wide world of full frame. So we've bagged ourselves our first full frame camera, a Canon 6D, with a simple 24-105 L series lens.

By the time we got it charged up out of the box yesterday it was completely dark outside, but desperate to try it out, we headed down to the car park where we keep a couple of cars to give it a test run. We were expecting it to be quite a noticeable upgrade on the old 350D, but I think it's fair to say the combination of the full frame, the more modern technology and the D6's low-light performance still surprised us. The shots in this post are in a garage lit only by the sparse fluorescent strip lights you can see dotted around.

Anyway, hope to have you along for some more car-related adventures over the coming months.