300SL Ride Along At The Pistonheads Sunday Service

Well first of all apologies for not keeping this blog regularly updated, we've both been busy with work and the annual pre-Christmas rush, but still that's no excuse. Blogs are supposed to be regularly updated, that's what keeps them interesting and worth revisiting, so we'll pull our fingers out in the new year, to keep it updated at least a couple of times a month.

Now down to business. We went along to our first Pistonheads Sunday Service last week, at Mercedes Benz World at Brooklands. We weren't sure what to expect, it being our first Pistonheads meet, but what we experienced was a very chilled morning at a great venue, with a group of very friendly, passionate car enthusiasts of all kinds.

We'll post up some more general pics some other time, but for now, here is one of the highlights. Mercedes were providing ride-alongs on their track in two SLSs (SLS's?) and an original 1954 300SL. The 300SL normally lives in their museum and had only been outside twice this year, so it was an opportunity not to be missed, so we took our chance at a ride in this iconic machine.

The first thing that struck was how hard it was to fold yourself into, even though the SuperNinety-er who went in it is a small, slip of thing, there was an art to getting in. Once in the car felt very tight and precise on the road, without any of the expected 'old car roll'. In its era it must have been streets ahead of the competition. It was quite an experience to sit in the original deep red leather interior and hear the bark of the engine as it roared through a perfect, crisp December morning.

Thanks to Pistonheads for organising an excellent meet, and Mercedes-Benz for being impeccable hosts.